FDA Approved

Leeches are classified as a medical devices by the FDA.


Hirudotherapy offers relief and healing without surgery.

3,500 Year Old Practice

A time-tested and effective healing practice.

Global Reach

Hirudotherapy has gained recognition around the world.

Mind & Body Treatment

Innovation & Tradition For Optimal Healing

From osteoarthritis to skin grafts, hirudotherapy has shown its potential, providing a unique approach to medicine that draws on ancient healing practices.

Natural & Holistic

Hirudotherapy offers a holistic approach to health issues.

The Hirudo medicinalis leech has potent medicinal properties, promising for medical research.

You'll get one-on-one attention from our amazing teachers and you can learn with people from all over the globe.


What to expect during and after therapy sessions

We provide personalized consultation services to assess each patient's specific needs and create a tailored hirudotherapy treatment plan for optimal results.

Thorough consultation

Your Initial clinic visit includes a full assessment and possible tests.

Treatment session

Regular session: 60-90 mins with 3-10 leeches, includes wound care.

After treatment

12-24 hours of normal bleeding. Wear dark, loose clothes and contact us anytime with concerns.

Notice results

Expect 3-10+ sessions, weekly to monthly, with early results.


We Carefully Manage The Treatment Of Patients

Dr. Dokukin has dedicated himself to learning basic principles and applications of Hirudotherapy to treat specific disease states in Russia where Hirudotherapy is a vital part of the main-stream healthcare system. The principal of Hirudotherapy is not to “fix” any pathology per se, but to stimulate the body itself to heal from within its own reserves, and to return to the natural homeostasis that will greatly improve many symptoms associated with most disease states.


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